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Located in the heart of historic Virginia City, Montana, The Road Agents' Roost is in the old Herndon & Donaldson Furniture Store built on this spot in 1863, the year things really got started around these parts when the largest gold strike in US history happened less than a mile away!  With a rich history as the local furniture store, this building has also been several saloons, among them
The Mountain Bowling Saloon and The Tavern Saloon (see great old timey photo of the building over the radio).  In 1918, it was the home of the local Women's Club Library, which seems like it was pretty darned reputable place, but then, during Prohibition, the building hosted the local bootleggar parlor - you can still see the back entrance to this area in the back bar - although it has long been boarded up and nowadays ya'll are free to enter through the front door!  


Miss  "montana" Maggi 

282 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

grub rustler & road agent 

Miss "rattlesnake" rose  


A couple of cowpokes from back East, this dynamic Mother & Daughter duo
bring their signature "big city" fast service to the Wild West!   
Drop on by for family pricing and plenty of seating at tables or belly up to the bar.   Enjoy the best burgers west of the Mississippi (serving only Montana Certified 100% Angus Beef, of course), a fine selection of  sandwiches and an enticing menu of German dishes they learned to cook from their folks back in the Old Country! 
You don't want to miss a chance to tie up your pony and enjoy a delicious meal with these ladies!

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