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Our portions are famously large!

2023 Jager.jpg

Jager Schnitzel with house kraut & potato salad and side brat

2023 Pier Brat Must.jpg

Pierogies & Brat with potato salad

2023 Bav.jpg

Bavarian Schnitzel with
 cole slaw and
house kraut

Dining Pic#1.jpg
Dining Room Pic #2.jpg

A warm welcome awaits you at The Road Agents' Roost

2023 Goulash.jpg

Hungarian Goulash on Noodles

Dining Room Pic #3.jpg
Dining Room Pic #4.jpg

Grab a seat in our spacious restaurant and enjoy the view of one of our 3 vintage bar backs - a sure sign of a classy joint in the Old West - or ponder the walls full of cool collectibles!

RAR Opera House.jpg
RAR Brewery Follies Sign.jpg
RAR Brewery.jpeg

Make plans to see the hilarious Brewery Follies - performed in Montana's oldest brewery (founded in 1863) AND take in a live theatre production and vaudeville style comedy program at the Opera House - both companies do new productions every year so just keep comin' back for more laughs!

RAR Boot Hill Graves.jpeg

Boot Hill - the famous graves of the Road Agents that were hung here in town and for which our restaurant is named

RAR Wells Fargo.jpg

While in town, be sure to catch a ride on the local Stage Coach - and did you know that Virginia City was where Wells Fargo got their start?  


Be sure to visit nearby Bannack, the first capital of the Territory of Montana where you can experience a living history gold mining camp

RAR Stage Coach.jpg
RAR Old Faithful.jpg

Yellowstone National Park is just an hour and a half drive from Virginia City, and through some beautiful country too, so don't miss it when you are in the area!


If you visit in June, be sure to make time for wildflower hunting on the back roads - Montana is famous for a wide variety of beautiful flowers

RAR pink flowers.jpg
RAR Shooting Stars.jpg
RAR Arrowroots.jpg
RAR Orange Bells.jpg
RAR Yellowstone Falls.jpg
RAR Indian Paint Brush Red.jpg
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